Membership Information

                          "Like Two Arrows Meeting in Mid-Air."

As a non-profit organization, Two Arrows Zen is supported by our members and donors. There are different levels of participation as members in the Two Arrows Zen Sangha.

Two Arrows - Sustaining Member

Individual $30/month or $360/year

This level may be for you if...

You'd like to support Two Arrows Zen with a sustaining contribution.


  • TAZ Newsletter and announcements of on-going events and programs.

  • Regular downloads of recent Sunday Mindfulness Meditation Talks.

    • Member-benefit participation in Monday evening Circling Practice.

    • Eligibility for member discounts and work-exchange tuition waivers for retreats & telecourses (Six-month minimum standing as a member is required for work-trade eligibility. A minimum commitment of six months membership is required for retreat discount eligibility.)

Two Arrows - Dharma Member

Individual $30/month or $360/year

This level may be for you if...

You'd like to make the commitment to practice in a Buddhist community. 

The above level benefits plus:

  • Application to receive Jukai (receiving the Precepts.)

Full Quiver

Individual $65/month or $780/year

This level may be for you if...

You are a member of the Sangha and have received Jukai.You have an ongoing practice relationship with a Two Arrows Zen teacher and actively attend classes, workshops, and retreats.

The above level benefits plus:

  • Member-benefit enrollment in Tuesday evening study series with Mugaku Sensei.
  • Scheduled Dokusan with a teacher, based on their availability.
  • Eligibility for committee level assignments in the Sangha.
  • Eligibility for training in Zendo service roles.

Bodhisattva Circle


Individual $125/month or $1,500/year

This level may be for you if...

You would like to sustain the vitality and well-being of Two Arrows Zen practice centers and deepen your commitment to the community of practice. Certain study opportunities are available with permission of the teachers with this level of support.

The above level benefits plus:

  • Receiving Shoken or creating a committed personal relationship with a teacher.
  • Complimentary member-benefit enrollment in Days of Zen.
  • Scheduled Dokusan with a teacher.
  • 15% discount on non-direct sesshin fees (based on standard pricing).
  • A weekly meeting with a small group of senior practitioners (can be virtual).