Two Arrows Zen in Torrey

       The Torrey Zendo is a small retreat for the study and practice of Zen. The high desert landscape is bordered by a cattail-lined stream, sagebrush, pinion. juniper, and chimisa and lies beneath Boulder Mountain, a looming 11,000 foot wooded plateau. Retreats are held in a simple setting. The zendo is a large enclosed tent, and meals are cooked outdoors in a camp kitchen. Many participants choose to stay in tents on the property, and there are several motels within easy walking distance in Torrey. Retreats are offered during the summer months with Musho or Mugaku Sensei, and include daily zazen, dharma talks, and koan study. In addition, retreats offer beautiful meals with a vegetarian option. There are regular trips into Capitol Reef National Park or nearby canyons and rivers to hike and sit among the red rocks or to hold group sessions in the grass next to the Fremont River.

       A tiny jewel of Zen practice, our retreats are attended by people from all over the world. Two Arrows Zen aspires to build a small permanent temple in Torrey to provide year round practice at the Boulder Mountain Zendo. We are involved in a capital campaign to raise sufficient funds for a beautiful, natural practice center which adds value and depth to the local environment.

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