About Two Arrows Zen

Founded as Boulder Mountain Zendo in 2008 by Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi and Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Roshi, Two Arrows Zen is a center of Zen study and practice with two locations in Utah. One is an urban center located at the Artspace Zendo in downtown Salt Lake City. The other is the Torrey Zendo located in the town of Torrey, just outside of Capitol Reef National Park in the heart of Southern Utah's red rock country.

Musho Roshi and Mugaku Roshi are lineage holders in the Soto Zen tradition of Taizan Maezumi Roshi and Genpo Merzel Roshi. Both Roshis are members of the White Plum Asanga and Soto Zen Buddhist Association, and have served terms on those organizations’ boards. We are also informed by the work of Ken Wilber and Integral theory and practice. Practitioners from all over the world regularly participate in our programs.

Two Arrows Zen retreats take place in a traditional Zen sesshin atmosphere including zazen, dharma talks, and interviews with the teachers. We hold daily meditation practice and monthly Days of Zen.

There are virtual online elements to the practice including telecourses, virtual temple days and online koan study. Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi also offers regular programs and training to develop interpersonal and communication skills as a part of spiritual practice and development.

Diane Hamilton
Michael Zimmerman