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Sitting practice Monday - Friday in three timezones hosted by senior practitioners.

The ancestors and our teachers encourage everyone to make a strong commitment to daily sitting practice as the foundation of mindful awareness and insight.

Two Arrows Zen senior practitioners have volunteered to host Virtual Zendos via the Zoom conference platform, Monday - Friday in their respective time-zones. You will find that sitting regularly with others is a great way to strengthen your practice and experience the support of Sangha.

The Virtual Zendos are open for practice at the scheduled times Monday - Friday. Your host will advise any schedule changes for holidays.

Some Virtual Zendos offer more than one sitting period in a session. You may sit just one period, or more, as your schedule permits.

1) VZendo with Brian Butsudo Turner (US): 7:00-8:15 am US MST, 2 periods w 10-min break.

2) V Zendo with Alex Tokujo Streubel (Colombia): 5:30-6:15 am COT, 1 period of 45 minutes.  (Please note COT is UTC-5. Colombia does not observe Daylight Savings Time.)

3) VZendo with Anita Shoshin Floris (NL): 6:00-8:00 am CET, 3 periods w 10-min breaks.