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Circling Practice at Two Arrows Zen

With Jared Rich

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Circling Lab, Monday evenings 6:45 pm
Artspace Zendo
Two Arrows Zen hosts events featuring Circling and other Authentic Relating practices.



Circling is an interpersonal practice that allows participants to dive deeply into authentic relating and being. It offers an organic approach to awareness and relating.

CIRCLING LAB - (weekly)
6:30 - 8:00 pm Mondays, Artspace Sangha Room
By donation ($10/week), or with TAZ membership at the Two Arrows Sustaining Member level ($30/month).

The Circling Lab is currently an open group facilitated by Jared Rich. A regular meditation practice is highly recommended to develop your skills for the weekly practice group.
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What is Circling?

Circling is a practice that takes place between people. One person (the Circler) leads a group of people in putting their attention on another person (the Circlee), with the intention of fully welcoming their experience in the moment. What is it like to be this person, in this group, right now? AND, what is it like for the people in the group to be with this person, right now? Coming to a shared understanding and felt experience of these two things is the practice of Circling.

What makes Circling explicitly a meditation practice, as distinct from other modalities such as therapy or coaching, is that there is no goal outside of the moment. We are not trying to GET the Circlee anywhere, other than more fully here.

We’ve found that many of the benefits of therapy, coaching AND meditation practice emerge when we’re willing to let go of our attachment to getting somewhere. Ironically, we often DO get somewhere that is more rewarding, more whole, and more in alignment with what we want as we bring out attention more richly to what is arising Here and Now.

And, the deepest benefits of the circling practice come from simply spending time with open, curious attention on another human being, exploring moment to moment what’s real and alive for him or her.

The Circling Lab at Two Arrows Zen meets weekly, on Mondays, 6:45 - 8:15 pm.

No prior experience is necessary to come and try this practice. We offer training immersions regularly and ask you to attend these at some point. An open heart, an open mind, and a sincere curiosity about self and others are all that's needed to participate.

A $10 donation per week, or $30/month Two Arrows Zen monthly membership supports this practice group.