Upcoming Event

Dharma and the Evolution of Conflict

Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei
Miles Kessler, Aikido Sensei


July 11-15, 2018
Boulder Mountain Zendo in Torrey
Torrey, UT

Join Diane Musho Hamilton, Zen Teacher, author, and award-winning mediator and facilitator, and Miles Kessler, dual-lineage holder in both the Iwama tradition of Aikido and the Burmese Mahasi tradition of Meditation for a live practice intensive in Torrey, Utah.

During the five-day immersion, you will awaken and refine your in-the-moment conflict resolution skills to bring more vitality and energy to your relationships - at work, at home, and in your communities.

This intensive brings together two powerful teachers of dharma who will guide you in:

  • Expressing effective, fearless authenticity in your communications.
  • Aikido practices: Embodying clarified, confident, and fiercely loving presence.
  • Experiencing how working with difference, dissent, and discomfort is a sure and swift path to true intimacy.
  • Appreciating conflict as a gateway that invites more care and more compassion into your life and spiritual practice.

Come experience meditation in the stunning beauty of the red rock desert of southern Utah. Boulder Mountain Zendo in Torrey is located near the Capitol Reef National Park, in the heart of Utah's canyon country. This retreat marks the beginning of the Two Arrows Zen summer retreat schedule, with opportunities for a variety of experiences in the meditation hall and in the vast open space of nature.

If you are new to meditation this is an ideal introductory retreat. Those who have an interest in study with Diane Musho Hamilton Sensei will also find this is a good opportunity to explore the forms and range of our practice.

During this retreat you will:

  • Engage meditation practice in a natural setting and in the new Torrey Zendo.
  • Experience the support of a community of practice.
  • Enjoy healthy and delicious meals, with vegetarian options.

SAVE $50!

Early Registration Discount will apply at check-out.

$649 General Admission

REFUND POLICY: Cancellations for any reason on or before June 11 will be 100% refunded less a $25 admin fee. Then, cancellations for any reason on or before June 27, 2018, will be refunded at 50% of the retreat fee paid, less the $25 admin fee. No refunds for any reason after June 27.

In case of cancellation after June 27 because of illness, family emergency or other approved request, Two Arrows Zen members may rollover 50% of fees to another program or retreat registration in 2018.

(subject to adjustments)

Wednesday, July 11
4-6 pm Check-in and socializing
6-9 pm Dinner, Orientation, Evening Session

Thursday - Saturday, July 12 - 14
7 am - 8:30 pm Program

Sunday, July 15
7 am-noon Program and Close





Flights should be booked into Salt Lake City, Utah. Driving directions to Torrey will be provided in your registration confirmation letter. Everyone is responsible for their own transportation. We will put registrants in touch with each other to facilitate ride shares.

The drive from Salt Lake City is about 3 1/2 hours and there is no public transportation. Please arrive no later than 4 pm on Wednesday, July 11. The program will end at noon on Sunday, July 15. (No early departures.)

Late June and early July are beautiful in Torrey. However, the day/night temperature swings in the high desert can be extreme. Always expect the possibility of rain and/or wind. Bring a water bottle, a brimmed hat, good closed-toe hiking shoes, sunglasses and sunscreen, and clothing you can layer. You will get a complete gear list with your orientation letter.
Daytime outings may require driving up to a half-hour to the destination. Hikes are generally short and on moderate terrain.

The Summer season is busy in Torrey. We advise that you make your lodging arrangements as early as possible.

The Sangha House is sold out
SANGHA HOUSE: Two Arrows Zen maintains a beautiful Sangha House in Torrey, within driving distance of the retreat site.

Shared dormitory-style lodging, BYO sleeping bag is $35/night. Located in the Rainbow Ridge area of Torrey you will enjoy an exquisite view of the red rock cliffs and a comfortable, spacious living space, including a fully equipped kitchen and two full baths with tubs. Sheets, pillows, towels, and Internet service are included. The Sangha House is located about 3 miles from the Zendo and is a lovely bike ride, a 30-minute walk, or a 5-minute drive.

You can reserve and pay for your space in the Sangha House when you register for the retreat.

There are also many reasonably priced motels and cabin rentals in and near Torrey. For current listings and availability consult Trip Advisor or similar sites. AirBnB and VRBO are also good sources for lodging in Torrey and nearby locations in Wayne County.Lodgings closest to the zendo, within a five-minute walk, are:

  • Sandcreek Camp and RV (Cabins, too)
  • Torrey Trading Post Cabins
  • Capitol Reef Inn
  • Motel Torrey
  • Austin's Chuck Wagon Motel

On-site camping is reserved for staff and approved work-trade early arrivals.

Camping (including car camping) for retreat participants is at Sand Creek Camp and RV operated by Leslie and Harry Eubanks, a five-minute walk from the Boulder Mountain Zendo in Torrey. For more information:

Phone: 435-425-3577

You will enjoy three healthy and nutritious meals a day during the retreat. All meals include vegetarian/vegan options.

We regret we are not able to prepare special meals for individuals or provide refrigerated food storage in the kitchen. There are extra coolers if you bring items that need to be stored on ice. There is a general convenience store in Torrey for snacks and personal items. The nearest grocery store is an 18-mile drive.

Special Diet Requests
Everyone is served the same meal. If you have medically necessary dietary restrictions, such as strictly gluten-free or lactose-free, we ask that you bring your own food to supplement. We will have gluten-free cereals available at breakfast and a limited supply of other gluten-free items at other meals. A medically diagnosed allergy to seafood or nuts requires that you inform us, and maintain your own rescue medication, such as an epi-pen.


Diane Musho Hamilton is a teacher of Zen and Integral Spirituality, an author, professional mediator, and facilitator. She has been a practitioner of meditation for more than 30 years and is a lineage holder in the Soto Zen tradition.

Diane lives in Utah, where she is the Executive Director of Two Arrows Zen, a center for Zen study and practice, established in 2008 with her husband Michael Mugaku Zimmerman. Diane is considered a pioneer in articulating and applying the insights of an Integral Life Practice based on work of Ken Wilber. Since 2004, she has worked with Ken Wilber and the Integral Institute in Denver, Colorado. In 2012 she co-founded Integral Facilitator® offered by Ten Directions, certifying practitioners in a developmental approach to group facilitation.

She is the author of Everything is Workable: A Zen Approach to Conflict Resolution, Shambhala Publications, 2013. Her newest book is The Zen of You and Me: A Guide to Getting Along with Just About Anyone, Shambhala Publications, March 2017. She is also a contributor to The Hidden Lamp: Stories from Twenty-Five Centuries of Awakened Women, Wisdom Publications, 2013.





Miles Kessler Sensei is a dual-lineage holder in both the Iwama tradition of Aikido and the Burmese Mahasi tradition of Meditation.

He lived and studied Aikido full time in Japan for eight years under the guidance of the late Morihiro Saito Sensei. After leaving Japan he spent 3 years on intensive Vipassana meditation retreats in Burma and Nepal under the guidance of the late Sayadaw U Panditain Burma, and Sayadaw Vivekananda in Nepal.

For over 20 years Miles has been teaching Aikido, meditation, and Integral practice internationally helping people cultivate higher capacities in leadership, personal growth, and spiritual development. In this capacity, Miles has taught, coached and guided thousands of individuals throughout the world.

Miles has made his home in Israel since 2006, where he founded the Integral Dojo in Tel-Aviv, a center for Aikido, Dharma, and Integral Practice. He is also the Founder and Director of the NPO “Aikido Without Borders,” which builds bridges of mutual understanding by bringing Israelis and Palestinians together to practice conflict resolution through the art of Aikido.