Torrey Zendo

The Torrey Zendo was dedicated in September 2017 and is the home for Two Arrows Zen retreats and programs in the red-rock country of Southern Utah.

The Zendo is a dedicated space for the practice of zazen, seating up to 50 practitioners. A bathhouse, fully equipped outdoor kitchen and four-season social pavilion complete the retreat center facilities at 57 South 300 West in Torrey.

Our home in Torrey is high desert landscape bordered by a cattail-lined stream, sagebrush, pinion, juniper, and flowering rabbitbrush. The Zendo is in Wayne County, Utah in a valley shadowed by Boulder Mountain which is part of the 11,000 foot Aquarius alpine plateau.


Two Arrows Zen Members and visitors are welcome to join the sitting practice at the Torrey Zendo during periods of open practice. The requested donation is $5 per sit or Two Arrows Zen Sustaining membership ($30/month).

Please check our Calendar for the public meditation schedule in Torrey.

Retreats and Zen Sesshins are offered throughout the year by Diane Musho Hamilton Roshi and Michael Mugaku Zimmerman Roshi.  Those include regular trips to Capitol Reef National Park or nearby locations to hike and sit among the red rocks.

Motels, cabins, and campgrounds are within an easy walking, biking, or driving distance of the Torrey Zendo.


Photo Credit: Leah Hogsten | The Salt Lake Tribune

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We are deeply grateful to the many members and donors who generously contributed to fully funding the Torrey Zendo.  We are currently fundraising to continue beautifying the property with landscaping, a temple bell, and outdoor altar.