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Zen for Beginners

Zen for Beginners

Every Thursday, 7-8:15 pm MT, via Zoom
Drop-ins always welcome

One of the highest aspirations for Zen practitioners is to continually approach people and situations with "beginner's mind." That is, with curiosity, openness, and receptivity to whatever may emerge, free of expectations or prejudgement.


Zen for Beginners is for you if you are new to meditation or just curious about Zen practice. We also welcome experienced meditators or mindfulness practitioners who would like to learn more about Zen practice and forms.


Each week we'll focus on one elemental aspect of embodied Zen practice, such as sitting posture, breathing, or bowing, while connecting basic tenets of traditional buddhist ethics to these traditional forms of practice. Our focus for each session will be to join in shared inquiry, experience, and reflection among friends holding space for each participant's "beginner's mind."


Traditional Zen practice and community provide a powerful path to personal growth and warm social connection. We invite you to join up or drop in to this event any week--we'll always provide enough context and instruction to welcome curious practitioners of any level of experience. $5 suggested donation. Your generous support is appreciated.