Zen for Beginners

Zen for Beginners

Zen For Beginners
Every Thursday, 7-8:30PM MT, via Zoom


Zen practitioners aspire to continually approach people and situations with "beginner's mind"-- that is, with curiosity, openness, and receptivity to whatever may emerge, free of expectations or prejudgement.


Our weekly Thursday night meetup, hosted by members of the Two Arrows Zen Steelyard Sangha, is for those curious about meditation generally, especially those interested in sitting with a group, as well as experienced practitioners who would like to refresh and enhance their connection to Zen-specific forms in the spirit of “beginner’s mind.”


Each week we'll cover the basics of Zen meditation (posture, breathing, etc.) with a focus on shared inquiry, experience, and reflection among friends. We'll review the typical customs and protocols of formal practice in the zendo so that beginners and experienced practitioners alike will feel comfortable joining the sangha for in-person practice in our daily sittings or periodic retreats.


Traditional Zen practice and community provide a powerful path to personal growth and warm social connection. We invite you to join us.

Your registration confirmation will include the Zoom link for the Thursday meeting. 
Suggested donation $5

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