Zen for Beginners

Zen for Beginners

4-week series, online, via Zoom
Thursdays, 7:00-8:15 pm MT 
June 2, 9, 16, 23, 2022


Two Arrows Zen welcomes all “beginners”–anyone willing to try experimenting with Zen practices in ordinary life.


The foundational practice of Zen is meditation, a simple practice that is easy to start, impossible to master, and can yield new experience and insight every time it is undertaken. As we refine and focus our mental and emotional capacities through formal sitting, Zen awareness and inquiry percolates throughout every part of life–at work and in relationships, even in exercise, eating, and sleep.


Zen for Beginners, facilitated by Two Arrows Zen Steelyard Sangha monks Craig Tokushin Carter and Matt Yuso Thomas, focuses on the essential elements of Zen meditation, on the cushion and off. As we learn the basics of practice, we’ll also explore key elements of Zen history, ethics, and community that have produced our modern version of this ancient tradition. Together, we’ll explore ways to approach life’s questions and challenges through Zen inquiry in a way that helps clarify intentions and bring greater balance to all we do. 


Your registration includes a month of meditation practice with the Steelyard Sangha. We sit every morning, Monday-Friday, and throughout the course you are invited to join when you can, either in-person in the Artspace Zendo in Salt Lake City, or online each morning via Zoom. Zen for Beginners is an opportunity to join a supportive community of experienced practitioners as you experiment with your first steps in the way.


As we recite in the famous Zen poem, The Song of the Grass Hut, "Thousands of words, myriad interpretations, are only to free you from obstructions." We hope this course will help you along that path of liberation.


$60 General Admission
$50 Two Arrows Zen Members